Accelerating Carbon Capture and Storage Modeling using Fourier Neural Operators

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Nested FNO for CO2 storage modeling

Nested FNO is a machine learning framework that provides unprecedented high-resolution high-fidelity 3D spatial-temporal predictions of CO2 gas saturation plume and pressure buildup. Nested FNO can handle a wide range of realistic reservoir and operational parameters and speeds up predictions nearly 700,000 times compared to state-of-the-art numerical simulators!


Prediction Accuracy

Nested FNO provides accurate gas saturation and pressure buildup prediction over 30 years of injection. The average gas saturation plume error is 1.8% and average pressure buildup error is 0.5%.

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Check out our web application that hosts the pre-train models. You can obtain real-time prediction with custom geological correlations, permeability statistic, reservoir depth, temperature, and dip angles. You can also use custom injection rate, injection location, and perforation design!


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